About Sparkles Montessori

At Sparkles Montessori, we believe in educating and inspiring children to achieve their maximum potential as future global citizens. We make the most of their formative learning years by fostering their curious minds with expertise and care.

We also believe in collaborating with parents every step of the way to instil a lasting love for learning in a wholesome environment. The school is well-equipped with study material of the best quality to enhance the students’ academic experience. Trained teachers work progressively towards bringing the best out of your child and their affinities, incorporating the essentials of the globally recognised Montessori school of education pioneered by renowned Italian educator, physician and scientist, Dr. Maria Montessori.

Catering to the age groups of 2.5 to 9 years, the school maintains a low student-teacher ratio, ensuring each child receives sufficient individual attention and an enriching learning experience. Well-lit classrooms, child-friendly infrastructure, a child-centred faculty and administration, and freedom of space for students adds to making Sparkles Montessori the ideal choice for your little one. We take keen interest in not only imparting knowledge to children, but also make it a worthwhile adventure that will raise them to be successful global citizens.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Our Teacher to Student ratio is 1:5.
  • We have a dedicated faculty that is well-experienced, friendly, and is trained in our teaching methodology by Ms. Kiranmai Choudary.
  • We organise seminars and workshops for parents and teachers that are certified, hands-on programs to help transform the lives of the little ones in their care.
  • One-on-one counselling sessions are held for parents to aid the overall development of their children.
  • We offer a library that benefits both parents and children.
  • Nutritious meals are provided to the kids, featuring fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and nuts, and healthy pulses and grains.
  • Daycare and Transport facilities are provided, apart from after school classes for those who require it.
Sparkles Montessori