Primary - 2.5 years to 6 years

Mixed age classrooms encourage children to learn at their own pace as they learn from each other which promotes respect, independence and a sense of community.


Areas of Focus

Children gain confidence in their environment through daily life tasks with engaging activities such as pouring, sorting, matching, cleaning, self-help exercises. In this program, we focus on enhancing fine motor skills, attention span, eye-hand coordination, and grace and courtesy.
Young children learn better by exploring the world through their senses. Sensorial learning materials contain compare/contrast and sequencing lessons about textures, colours, sizes and shapes to build logic and prepare children for language, math, geometry, art and music in their upcoming educational years.
With globes, puzzles and other materials, children become familiar with the names and locations of the world’s continents, oceans, and countries. We explore the world and other cultures with songs, stories and holiday celebrations.
Children develop numeracy and numeral recognition using sandpaper numerals, teens and ten boards, and become confident in manipulating numbers and representing various quantities with numerals. They explore the operations of arithmetic through the unique Montessori Golden Beads materials. The Bead Cabinet, which includes long and short chains with beads, provides concrete, multi-sensory experiences of the squaring and cubing of numbers from one to ten, at once reinforcing the memorization of multiplication, addition, subtraction and division.
Children are introduced to concrete lessons and activities in the subjects of earth, life, and physical sciences. The child develops an introductory understanding of living and non-living things, how they differ, and how to categorize plants and animals. Students care for plants in the classroom. They water the plants and spray and clean the leaves with water.

Students observe and participate in science experiments related to the needs of plants. Children attend field trips, horticultural visits, and go on outings to enhance their experiences with plants and animals. Teachers and guest presenters present science lessons on topics such as parts of the earth, water and weather systems and rocks and crystals.
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