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Welcome To Sparkles Montessori

The learning methodology at Sparkles Montessori is driven by the children’s curious minds, individual voices, and imaginative vision. With a devoted faculty and child-centric curriculum, we work towards elevating each student’s aptitude and talent while ensuring all-round growth in a positive, all-inclusive ambience.

Our model of education is built on the basis of the Montessori school of thought, pioneered by renowned Italian physician and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. We have incorporated the fundamentals of this method into our lessons, wherein students are encouraged to enhance their understanding of the world and their problem-solving skills through practical and interactive learning - growing as individuals as they absorb knowledge from their surroundings. This model has proven to be beneficial to students of all kinds across countries and cultures.

We aim to nurture a culture where teachers and students work hand in hand to create and build a mindful, engaging, and friendly learning environment.

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About Sparkles Montessori

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Why Sparkles?

Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.
- Dr. Maria Montessori

Holistic Growth & Development

Progressive learning approaches combined with a nurturing environment

Hands-on Learning

Learning methods proposed by renowned Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori

Compassionate & Well-Trained Faculty

AMI trained teachers individualised techniques of learning and ample attention for effective growth

Sparkles Montessori

Independence & Leadership

Child-centric curriculum inculcates qualities of self-confidence & leadership from a young age


Customized state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities

Happy & Healthy

A happy, safe and healthy environment for the chils to learn and grow