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Ten Tips for Integrating Montessori Methods in Your Home

Bringing Montessori teaching methods into your home will help create a more independent, curious child who feels safe to act on his natural inclination to explore his surroundings. This love of learning will inspire your child not only as he transitions from home to the classroom and home again, but as he matures and develops in later years. And you will undoubtedly feel a sense of fulfillment in watching your child achieve important milestones right under your own roof!

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Blog 2

How Montessori is different ?

The formation of children's fundamental capacities is hugely important during the first years of life - not just academic learning but the ability to concentrate, persevere and think for themselves as well as the ability to interact well with others. Children who have been given the right kind of support during these formative years grow into adults who are self-motivated and love learning, can think flexibly and creatively and who are not only conscious of the needs of others but actively foster harmony...

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Blog 3

The Montessori Child

A Montessori child is capable, independent, curious, able to take initiative and is academically strong. Montessori is an educational approach which is based on the scientific foundation of the natural development of human beings - which is why it is a truly universal education with successful outcomes for all children. It acknowledges that children have an innate desire to learn, and what they require is an environment to enable that learning to take place...

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Blog 4

4 characteristics found in Montessori toys

Montessori philosophies offer incredible wisdom in this arena and the strength of thousands of hours of observation to study what children respond to and need in their environment. A Montessori approach can provide comfort when toy shopping.

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