Toddler - 18 months to 2.5 years

Child development experts agree that children benefit most not only from a nurturing environment, but one that offers appropriate opportunities for them to develop to their fullest potential.

With child-friendly furniture, and carefully curated and maintained learning materials, classrooms are specially designed to meet the developmental needs of children of this age group.

The daily schedule is unobtrusive and provides plenty of opportunities for learning, playing, napping and socializing. We help build self-confidence and foster the natural curiosity that toddlers possess. Music, stories, simple materials, a gentle pace, and a deep respect for each child, ensures that your toddler truly loves their schooling experience and develops a long lasting love for learning.


Areas of Focus

Your top priority is making sure your child is healthy, safe and happy as is ours. The school is equipped with security cameras and students are always attended to. We also ensure our children are provided with healthy and nutritious meals to complement their early development.
Our educators guide children to develop new skills and explore new experiences in various developmental areas at their own pace. Teaching methods are individualised to suit the best needs of each child.
Learning through play, involving the senses, helps children comprehend and classify the world around them. Sensory play including activities that stimulate touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing, are incorporated in their lessons. This supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.
This is a particularly important quality for toddlers who are asserting their autonomy with “Help me do it myself”.
Daily work with our exclusive, proven phonetic sound cards introduce children to the fundamentals of language to help express themselves better.
Every child deserves respect, to be treated as an individual and to be understood.
We engage children in group activities like finger puppet games, story time and music classes that encourage communication, socialising, and learning to co-exist with their peers in harmony.
Consistent and thorough communication, including a daily report on your child’s development, helps you stay informed and involved in your child’s care. Our teachers collaborate with parents to ensure that their child’s progress at school is complemented with appropriate steps taken at home.
Sparkles Montessori