Infant - 9 months to 18 months

We understand how essential our role is in your little one’s life and our faculty truly loves what they do. Parents can be assured that we attend to your child’s every need.

Whether eating, playing, or sleeping in our separate nap room, we work around your little one’s own natural timetable. Our rooms are equipped with child-friendly infrastructure and materials to stimulate the senses and tools that provide freedom of movement.


Areas of Focus

Your top priority is making sure your baby is healthy, safe and happy as is ours. Our team and learning ambience is prepared keeping that in mind.

The school is equipped with security cameras and students are always attended to.We also ensure our children are provided with healthy and nutritious meals to complement their early development.
Caregivers lead one-on-one lessons that focus on special developmental areas including cognitive, social, language, motor, sensory and practical life. Your young ones are provided with ample individual attention and customised learning techniques to suit their needs best.
Floor time, tummy time, a climbing area and tunnels encourage physical and cognitive development and offer our students the freedom of movement as they progress in their journey of learning.
A trusting bond is formed between your child’s nurturing primary and secondary caregivers, who attend to their emotional and physical needs. Students are tended to with utmost love and care, as they thrive in a congenial learning environment.
The Montessori Philosophy to “follow the child” encourages exploration, self-awareness and self-care.
We believe that every child deserves respect, to be treated as an individual and to be understood.
Children engage in social interactions, learn to make acquaintances and friends, and enhance their communication skills. Simply being in the presence of “someone like me” sets the foundation for an interpersonal connection.
Consistent and thorough communication, including a daily report on your child’s development, helps you stay informed and involved in your child’s care. Our teachers collaborate with parents to ensure that their child’s progress at school is complemented with appropriate steps taken at home.

Enrichment programs

Infant Yoga and Baby Sign Language

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