Why Montessori

For many years, the Montessori method of education - a school invented by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907, Italy - has proven to be beneficial to children from all walks of life. Many successful personalities evolved through this renowned system of schooling in their early years.

Over time, studies have proven Montessori schools to shape students that perform better than traditional students. These schools cater to children of different ages from varied backgrounds who take part in a range of activities that make them aware, unique, and responsible individuals.

Learning in a Montessori environment is focused on a child’s key developmental stages. The method encourages children to work in cooperation, learn self-discipline in a way that comes to them naturally, and inspires creativity through means of exposure that also broadens their minds.

The system is also a greatly individualised one, wherein students are given a way to explore and pick up concepts at their own pace. This leads to them being open to more challenging waters and developing better intuitive thinking. Focus on multiple activities strengthens the children’s concentration and coordination skills while also enhancing their interpersonal skills.

Sparkles Montessori incorporates the best of the Montessori schooling method into our curriculum to help create the finest learning experience for your little ones.

Sparkles Montessori