Effective Parenting

Parenting can be the most beautiful and challenging experience of one’s life. At Sparkles, we ensure you receive all the support and guidance you need during the formative years of your child’s development to make this experience a fulfilling one.


Free Parent Helpline

Sparkles offers an active 24 hr. Parents Helpline that provides parents and guardians with advice and support as they venture through the early learning years of their little ones. We have a dedicated team of counsellors, educators and child development specialists available to provide you the guidance you will need on this journey.

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Parent Training

Sparkles organizes parenting workshops and webinars periodically to address topics that revolve around effective parenting strategies to complement the learning methods at Sparkles and ensure holistic development.

Parents are requested to attend all sessions.



Sparkles Montessori offers a range of parenting and teaching training workshops to create the ideal learning space for young ones that are as dynamic as the changing times.

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