Instilling independent learning, creative thinking and strong values.


The Preschool programs at Sparkles Montessori are based on an ideal blend of Montessori and Glenn Doman methods of teaching. These methods emphasise on enabling young ones to embark on a journey of learning driven by a thirst for knowledge.

We strive to inculcate creative thinking, self-sufficiency, and a love for learning in our students, to prepare them to be leaders of tomorrow.

What we offer

An area where children can express themselves through drama, drawing, painting, poetry and more.
A little bookworm’s paradise where children can find inspiration and endless adventure through literature curated especially for their young imaginative minds.
A place where children can solve math problems and puzzles or engage in building bridges, towers, machines and more using real-life math concepts.
An activity area that features group games, challenging brain teasers and puzzles for young ones to develop their cognitive skills.
An area where children can experiment, explore and discover secrets of the scientific world, thus encouraging their curious minds to develop a hunger for knowledge.
Your child will master core literacy concepts, strengthen reading skills and develop a love for books and reading.
In this fun, multisensory music and rhythm program, your child will improve their memory, develop learning skills, increase cognitive development, explore different musical genres and grow the ability to express emotions.
Whether it’s a science project, spelling test, or book report, our teachers are here to support your child in completing their homework.
We help children develop healthy bodies and encourage proper nutrition through daily physical activities and healthy snacks.
Sparkles Montessori